Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Mobile Appropriation with New technologies

At the ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 held in Hong Kong, a number of mobile phone companies showed off their concept of the next generation phones. The evolution of mobile technologies will allow more appropriation to users as users get more technologically educated.

New technologies include integrating RF-ID readers into phones so that phones can read information that is embedded in the environment. Such as a RF-ID that is implemented on products and posters can display the relevent information. A practical example is where a movie poster with RF-ID chip can display session times and nearest location of the movie theatre that shows the movie.

Phones are becoming more of an assistive tool, or a computer, that has the functionality of mobile communication.
The different designs of handheld devices are at the dawn of a merge, by which PDA are becoming phones, and phones are expanding its functionality to becoming more like PDAs. Thus, how will the merging and emergence of new technology influence the appropriation of technology? Hence, how will users use these new technology in ways that are unintended by the designers, or how will they combine the technologies to perform tasks that are never thought of by their creators. These will be areas to explore and focus on.

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